About Me

It’s kind of amazing what you can teach yourself when you’re really, truly interested in it. I certainly never started shooting with the idea that I ever wanted to make more than a hobby of it. One day in the spring of 2012, I purchased my first DSLR for a vacation, and I was hooked. Armed with little experience, zero training and Google, I taught myself why composition is key, how to properly expose a photo and what the “f” an f-stop is. Today, I go about putting that knowledge into use while still learning as much as I can. 

More About Me

Originally from West Michigan, I’ve called Chicago home for nearly 15 years.

When not busy with my day job, on a shoot, or playing Uncle Jer, I'm probably reading.

Currently Reading:  Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.

Speaking of day jobs, I play Creative Director at a media and marketing agency focused in the financial industry. Much like photography, I'm completely self-taught in this area. 

I’m of Dutch and German ancestry.

Fave shows include Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black and American Horror Story.

Iced coffee in spring & summer. Dark roast (black please) in fall & winter. Intelligensia über alles.

I have genetically huge calf muscles and have been asked by strangers if they can photograph them. To date, I’ve politely declined.